The Academy sets a new standard for pelvic care. Be part of the change!

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The Academy is setting a new standard for pelvic care. Be part of the change!

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You Can Become
Your Own Healer

The Academy isn't just a course; it's a GLOBAL MOVEMENT that brings balanced, smart, holistic health to the world of pelvic wellness. The Academy is for EVERYONE. In it, you will learn:

  • There's SO MUCH MORE to pelvic strength than Kegel exercises
  • The mental and emotional work of pelvic health MATTERS
  • You can feel more connected, alive, confident, and centered than ever before
  • There's a proven healing path to follow (that can be tailored to your needs) so you don't short-circuit yourself along the way

The Academy brings patients and providers together to find common ground and share important knowledge. We all need this information! Pelvic health is for everyone, and together we can spread it further.

Become the leading expert in yourself.

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Certified Mind-Body-Pelvic Health

Reach your full health potential and discover the missing pieces to pelvic health!

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my journey with mind-body-pelvic health

3 Important Things
You'll Learn in The Academy


Foundation First

There's a specific path that must be followed for successful, lasting results. Learn the foundational steps and how to move forward from there. TRUE LEARNING can't occur until your foundation is strong!


Brave Enough to Feel

Pelvic health issues can be scary and emotionally draining. Learn how to identify and manage your emotions using embodiment tools and somatic practices to reprogram your mind and body.


Life Upgrade

The Academy is for people seeking pelvic health changes and fulfillment through personal growth. It’ll upgrade your pelvic health AND your entire life! Develop unshakeable self-trust, and supercharge your capacity for healing and pleasure.

There's No Time
Like the Present

The Academy is 11 weeks, with lifetime access to all course materials.

Here's what we'll cover...

Week 1

Setting The Stage

This is an essential first step, getting you settled and confident so that you know what to expect as you move forward in The Academy. You'll learn how the mind and emotions impact pelvic health, and what this means for you. Discover the keys to wholistic care that unites mind, body, and spirit... and your pelvic floor!

Weeks 2-9

The Formula for Pelvic Health

Discover the Pelvic Health Path and take it step by step, starting with the root (nourishment and safety) and working your way toward your healthiest, highest self. Using embodied learning and holistic physical therapy practices, you will release tight pelvic floor muscles, unwind jaw tension, feel and manage your emotions, and connect with your inner healer.

Weeks 10 + 11

Putting it into Practice

Pelvic health is for life. You'll graduate from The Academy with a toolbox full of information and specific techniques you can use FOREVER, making it easy to navigate life's ups and downs. This is empowered pelvic health!  

The Pelvic Health Path

This is the signature method you will learn when you enroll in The Academy. Inspired by my personal explorations in psychology and brought to life by my education as a holistic pelvic health specialist and embodiment coach, this diamond-shaped path unites the key components of mind-body medicine and symbolizes what is possible for you.

How It Works

The 8 Steps of the
Pelvic Health Path

The Pelvic Health Path is a proven process for sustainable change. By moving through all 8 steps, you will learn to trust yourself, hear your inner wisdom, and bloom into your full health potential.

Root Steps


Physiological: Nourish your body and establish an understanding of female cycles and rhythms.


Resource and regulate your nervous system; optimize your sense of safety.


Identify your support system and discover authentic connection.


See your stories, feel to heal, release stuck emotions, and rewrite narratives.


Growth Steps


Fully understand and integrate essential pelvic health information.


Embody your learning with consistency and follow through with integrity.


Gnosis, inner knowing, and intuition; become your go-to wellness resource.


Unwind, unfurl, flourish, RECLAIM!  Unleash your fullest potential through peak experiences.

What's Included

For Learning

In-Depth Trainings

Each module includes video lessons with supportive text, audio, and worksheets to help whether you're a visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic learner. You'll also get lifetime access to the Pelvic Health Apothecary, a treasure trove of recipes, self-help tools, and holistic remedies.

For Support

Community Access

BONUS! Get four months of access (for FREE) to the Mind-Body Pelvic Health Collective membership, an incredible resource for advanced learning and community building. You'll also have the opportunity to create study groups or find a virtual study buddy!

For Practicing

Helpful Downloads

You'll receive a variety of video, audio, and PDF downloads. These tools are for you to use freely! Practice and share them with your friends and family. Mind-Body-Pelvic Health starts with YOU, and these tools will help you and the people you care about.

Upgrade for Individualized Support

If you're looking for extra guidance and additional professional support, check out the "Academy Plus" option! If you have pelvic health concerns and you'd like to connect with me 1:1 for help, or if you're a pelvic health professional and you'd like to troubleshoot patient care or brainstorm about building your business, I have office hours FOR YOU. Get a 50-minute online call plus a full day of private voice messaging with me to be used anytime within 4 months of your date of enrollment.

See details in the payment options below

This is for you if...

  • You have pelvic health problems and traditional treatment hasn't worked; you need MORE than Kegels

  • You are a pelvic health professional and you want the best results for your clients

  • You understand the importance of the mind-body connection but you don't have time to research all the facets

  • You value lived experience just as much as scientific studies

  • You're "woo woo curious" and ready to explore your full spectrum! You have a stash of crystals, you seek natural remedies when you feel sick, and you're open to spirituality without dogma or religion attached 

  • You're ready to do the DEEP (inner) work on yourself, with yourself, for yourself

This is not for you if...

  • You only value peer-reviewed research and things that have been "proven" by science

  • Things that are "woo-woo" make you cringe; you're dogmatic in your religious or scientific beliefs

  • You believe that surgery and/or medication are the only solutions for most health conditions, including pelvic health

  • Emotions make you uncomfortable, meditation is a hard pass, and you think sexuality should NOT be discussed publicly

  • You're looking for an exercise or weight loss plan

  • You want someone to give you the answers, tell you the rules, and do the work for you

A Little About Me...

Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT (Dr. Bri) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, specializing in pelvic health. An Oregon native, Bri and her family took a 12-year detour to Germany, where she nurtured her popular YouTube channel, which is now over 440,000 subscribers strong.

Today, Bri is back in Oregon and enjoys living, working, hiking, drumming, and dancing in Bend, Oregon! She is passionate about the mental and emotional aspects of pelvic health. Her mission is to change the conversation around pelvic wellness to include thoughts, emotions, energy, mindset, Spirit, and Soul along with body-based approaches to care.

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"It feels like working with a friend..."

Any time I spend with Dr. Bri (through her YouTube videos, at-home programs, etc.) is transformative. She brings her whole heart and encourages you to do the same!

Nicole G.

Unlock Your True
Wellness Potential

"Modern" Western medicine tends to provide band-aid fixes.

My method offers a HOLISTIC root cause approach to mind-body-pelvic health and creates results that positively impact your entire life.

The mental and emotional work of pelvic health is the MISSING LINK, and embodiment practices make it personalized and customized to you.

I can't go back after experiencing my health and life this way. The Academy offers the keys to your full healing potential, and most turned-on, pleasure-filled life!

Still Deciding?

Here are 3 Great Reasons

Reason One

You know you can feel better, or treat your patients more effectively, but you don't know how to get there. You don't know where to start...and you don't have time to sift through thousands of hours of studying and training to see what works best.

Reason Two

You've tried all the "regular stuff," and it just hasn't worked. You're ready to try a NEW approach. Your mind and heart are open and curious.

Reason Three

You want to learn how to value and care for your nervous system, your mindset, your emotions, and energetics to support your pelvic health FOR LIFE...

Let's Put You on the Path
to Your Greatest Self


There are two options for your success:

The Academy


Get 30% off for a limited time!

  • Lifetime access to all training modules and course materials
  • Lifetime access to the Pelvic Health Apothecary
  • Four downloadable "Elemental Embodiment" Movement Practices
  • Become a certified Mind-Body-Pelvic Health Practitioner (upon completion of all modules and quizzes)
  • Opportunity to be added to our growing directory of Certified Mind-Body-Pelvic Health Practitioners
  • BONUS! Get 4 months of complimentary access to The Collective to build community and deepen your learning... $270 value, for FREE! 
4 Equal Payments

The Academy "Plus"


Get 30% off for a limited time!

  • Everything listed in The Academy...
  • LIVE office hours and mentorship with Dr. Bri!
  • Mentorship: Get one 50-minute 1:1 coaching call to ask questions about any aspect of The Academy and mind-body pelvic health
  • Office hours: You'll also get a full day of private voice and text messaging with Bri to explore, discuss, deepen, and process your personal pelvic health journey or your professional client experiences
4 Equal Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Change your pelvic floor. Change your life!

Your pelvic health challenge can be the start of an incredible journey!

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