Hi! I'm Dr. Bri
I'm a different kind of P.T.

I shine a light on energy, mindset, and emotions and how they impact the pelvic floor. Let's set a new standard for pelvic care. Be part of the change!

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Hi! I'm Dr. Bri
I'm a different kind of P.T.

I don’t shy away from energy, mindset, and emotions and how these impact your pelvic floor. This is a new paradigm for pelvic wellness and a new approach to pelvic care...be part of the change!

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For Patients and Practitioners

The Academy

An online academy for pelvic health patients AND practitioners who are looking for the "missing link" in pelvic healthcare. Become a better healer for yourself, and for others!

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For Community Support

The Membership

A vibrant collective ready to explore the mental, emotional, and energetic work of pelvic health in community! Celebrating, growing, and learning about the mind-body connection together.

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Mind-Body-Pelvic Health

I believe that with the right steps in place, everyone can flourish and heal. To "heal" is to make sound or whole, which requires a whole-person approach to pelvic care: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Find the missing link and get the help you need if you’re struggling on your own. Try my free resources first, then explore my programs and ways to work with me more closely.

More Courses From Dr. Bri

For Pelvic Pain


Overcome Pelvic Pain for Women offers a compassionate, holistic approach to resolving persistent pelvic pain, painful sex, and/or excessive pelvic floor tension. This 12-week guided program includes movement routines, mind-body practices, and community support. 

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For Prolapse


Lift is my time-tested program for prolapse relief that has helped thousands of women get their lives back! Initially developed to resolve my own symptoms of bladder prolapse, Lift has evolved into a full-length online course with specific exercises and lifestyle tips for prolapse relief.

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Free Resources,
Just For You

Mind-Body Bootcamp

A free 10-day challenge to remind you that everything is connected when it comes to pelvic health!

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Healing Touch Toolkit

Give yourself a vulva hug! Experience better pelvic tissue health and more aliveness, sensitivity, and pleasure.

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750 Videos

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for hundreds of free pelvic health and healing videos.


A Little About Bri...

Bri graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2006 from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Inspired by her own pregnancy and postpartum experiences, she specialized in pelvic floor PT. Her mission is to help women and men with pelvic health challenges live vibrant lives.

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The Mind-Body-Pelvic Health Academy

Become the leading expert in yourself. This program will change the way you do pelvic health and the way you do life! The Academy is for women, and for people who work with women. Learn an effective, reliable, systematic approach for working with your clients (or yourself) to safely and holistically resolve pelvic health conditions from pelvic pain, to prolapse, to bladder leakage and sexual difficulties.

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