The Experience

A Private Healing Immersion Tailored To You

Now is your time. You know that there’s so much POWER in your pelvic bowl, and you’re ready to tap into it! Reconnect with your body, reclaim your vitality, and be calmly and compassionately held in a private healing container with an expert who feels and cares deeply.

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The Experience

A Private Healing Immersion Tailored To You

Now is your time. You know that there’s so much POWER in your pelvic bowl, and you’re ready to tap into it! Reconnect with your body, reclaim your vitality, and be calmly and compassionately held in a private healing container with an expert who feels and cares deeply.

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What is The Experience?

"The Experience" fuses the power and personalization of 1:1 coaching with the immersive, soul-satisfying feel of a private retreat. Release tension and trauma from your body, recharge your Spirit, and walk beside a guide who has years of experience in women’s wellness and holistic pelvic health.

Whether you have pelvic organ prolapse, bladder leakage, birth-related injuries or trauma, digestive issues, nervous system dysregulation, anxiety, chronic pain, painful or unsatisfying sex, or simply desire an exclusive customized healing experience with Dr. Bri… You’re in the right place.

A Full Support System
for Your Complete Wellness


VIP Support

You'll be the only VIP client for an all-inclusive, customized healing program hosted by a professional with 15+ years of experience in women’s wellness and holistic pelvic health.

Private Coaching

Receive four private coaching sessions, including one online prep session before the in-person experience, and three online coaching sessions after.

Full Immersion

Indulge in your 2-day immersive in-person private retreat experience in a beautiful high desert setting (Bend, Oregon). Receive pickup and drop-off at the Redmond airport, if you choose to fly into town.

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"I had the absolute privilege of receiving a Holistic Pelvic Care™ session from Bri recently and I was held, completely cared for, and nourished by her presence.

Bri did everything to guide me, meet me where I am, and help me with my pelvic healing from within. Her hands and presence are steady, sensitive, and caring.

I felt relaxed, grounded and so centered after my treatment session.

My urinary leaking with urgency and running has improved, my bowel movements have been easier, my orgasms have been more intense and pleasurable and I feel like I know how to care better for my pelvic space since our session.

Bri is a gifted practitioner who will undoubtedly guide you in just the right way for you, so you can thrive in your life."

— Laura Flood

"After attending an in-person group retreat with Dr. Bri I realized there are so many more dimensions to pelvic floor care than just the physical. I signed up for Bri's “Experience” program immediately.

During my 2-day experience with Dr. Bri, she guided me through the process of having my body, mind, and psyche gently release stored trauma. The most profound piece of the work, however, was simply being witnessed.

Dr. Bri held a safe, judgment-free space to allow for the wounds/traumas to unwind through me. Being witnessed through this was so much more than her just holding space for me. Her presence conveyed to me, “I indeed saw you do this, and I now am confirming and reminding you of the new path you've chosen.”

Dr. Bri's work in this is powerful, and I feel forever changed."

— Pagona X.

"A few years ago I was rudely awakened to pelvic issues and had rectocele surgery. My initial visits with a Pelvic Floor therapist were promising, but after a few months of strength-building exercises, I experienced leakage. After a year, things were even worse.  Feeling frustrated with my progress, I found Dr. Bri online. I participated in her Lift program and her personal 1:1 retreat, “The Experience.”

Bri’s approach to wellness and healing is comprehensive and effective. Working with her has strengthened my core, lower back, and overall strength to live my very active and physical lifestyle as a sculptor. My daily practice improves my focus and productivity and reminds me to be patient with my healing.

Dr. Bri is so generous with her time and support. She understands active women, encouraging me to not give up and to remember the balance between building strength and doing the release work. She has a unique gift for coaching and the mind-body connection while keeping things light. Bri is a tremendous resource in this field!"

— Claire M.

What's Included in 
Your Experience

Private Movement Sessions

During your 2-day in-person experience in Bend, Oregon, you will receive customized movement therapy based on your desires and needs. As a yoga teacher certified in Vinyasa, Yin, and Pelvic Floor Yoga, I will curate the perfect mobility routine for you. Since we'll be working one-on-one, I'll offer hands-on adjustments as needed so that you know exactly how each exercise should feel in your body. In addition to yoga, we may also work on strength, mobility, functional fitness, and more! I believe that movement is medicine, so local hikes and excursions may also be included, depending on the season and weather conditions.

Embodied Pelvic Care

Although I am a physical therapist, my hands-on treatment sessions are NOT traditional physical therapy. "Embodied Pelvic Care" sessions are influenced by my training in Holistic Pelvic Care™ and my training as a certified embodiment coach. During these in-depth treatment sessions, I will gently guide you through emotional embodiment practices to help you identify and release stress and stuck emotions that are keeping you stuck in patterns of tension and myofascial restriction. After these powerful somatic practices, we’ll move into whole-body manual therapy that includes internal and external pelvic work to move physical and energetic stagnation, reduce pain, and improve pelvic floor strength and power.

Nourishment for Body + Soul

In addition to the movement, hands-on pelvic care, and embodiment practices described above, you'll also receive nourishment for your body and soul! Enjoy 1-2 sessions of vibroacoustic therapy — a sensory experience you will never forget, as well as nutritious, homemade meals and personal wellness coaching that is based on your individual needs. You'll leave with a personalized action plan that includes exercises for your mind and your body that feel yummy — like pleasure — like something you actually look forward to doing!

It’s a mind-blowingly intense spiritual and energetic experience, but you know me… I’ll keep it comfortable and fun! Along with the deep work, there will be delicious treats, dance parties, and plenty of laughs.

Each “Experience” is a bespoke, completely customized, and truly holistic treatment plan that may include internal pelvic floor therapy (vaginal and/or anal), perineal release work, and/or head and jaw massage. You will also receive individualized movement training (from yin yoga to hiking to HIIT) based on your individual desires and needs. Every detail will be tailored to YOU so you can feel safe, supported, relaxed, and in your optimal zone for health and healing.

“The Experience” is a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to treat yourself to a transformational deep dive that will change your life.

This is for you if...

  • You have the energetic and financial resources to invest in your healing

  • You're ready to go "all in" and commit to your goals

  • You have an open mind, you're adventurous, and you're ready to try new modalities of pelvic care

This is not for you if...

  • You are financially strained or too busy to invest time and energy

  • You're afraid to travel and/or don't like to spend time alone

  • You prefer a "quick fix" approach such as surgery or medication and you don't want to do any deep inner work

Are You Ready for
Your Custom Experience?

Currently Booking For...

October 6-9, 2024
November 3-6, 2024

Your coaching calls will occur starting 2 weeks before your 2-day experience, and will wrap up 6-8 weeks after your in-person time with me.


Plus the Cost of Travel and Accommodations

  • Four online coaching calls (60 minutes each). Your first call will be at least 2 weeks before your 2-day experience in Bend, Oregon, and your remaining three calls after.
  • Email, video, and audio (voice messaging) support between coaching calls.
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the Redmond Airport if flying in
  • Bespoke one-on-one wellness treatments and activities including yoga, customized fitness, bodywork, pelvic floor release work, lifestyle and wellness coaching, emotional embodiment practices, and more
  • Meals including breakfast, lunch, and snacks!

Travel and accommodations will be arranged by you (the client). Payment of the base price is non-refundable and is required to secure your spot.

The $3,000 base price is for one person. If you have a friend joining, please contact me and I’ll create a special invoice for you with a slightly reduced rate per person.

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“An incredible weekend away."

I am so grateful to learn, grow, and slow down from the race of the world. Thank you, Dr. Bri, for holding space for me. A truly life-changing, unforgettable experience!

Katie W.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is an exciting opportunity and a big commitment... And I'm sure you have questions! If your heart is yearning for “The Experience,” but you need additional information, simply ask when you apply via the button below. I’ll reply with a detailed video response. Please note that I will NOT try to “sell you” on this program, as it’s only right for me if it’s truly right for you (and if you’re ready for this type of work). If you’re a good fit, then wow... This is going to be a game-changer for you!

I can’t wait to meet and walk with you in YOUR “Experience.” 

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